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Car brake pads and discs and brake fluid change

At CVS Motors, we provide affordable car repairs and services in Farnham for customers in the area. We specialise in providing brake system repairs for any make and model of cars. If your brake pads are wearing thin or you’re experiencing juddering or squealing when using your brakes, it’s best to get your car seen at your local garage as soon as possible. Your brakes are pretty vital to your safety when it comes to driving your car and regular maintenance and inspections help to prevent breakdown or accidents. It is essential to have your brake system checked thoroughly at regular intervals such as during your car service or MOT, but from time to time, additional checks might be important to keep you safe on the roads.

Replacement brake pads and discs

Over time your brake pads and discs will wear down due to daily use. Your manufacturer’s recommended service schedule usually tells motorists when these should be changed and at which intervals to ensure safety. This will be dependent on your mileage and how often you use your car and the driving conditions you normally experience. We can inspect your brake pads and discs at CVS Motors to make sure that everything is in working order. Normally your brakes are checked during your annual service and it’s important to get this sorted in order to pass your MOT test.

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We fit quality brake pads and discs specifically for your make and model of car. We only ever use original manufacturer equipment or equivalent quality so that they last longer for you. Our mechanics and technicians are all fully trained to work with any make or model and can expertly fit new pads and discs with quick turn around times.

Brake fluid changes

It is recommended that your brake fluid is changed every 24 months or after 24,000 miles to ensure that it works best for your car. When you need your brake fluid replaced, we’ll drain the old fluid and refill the brake fluid to your manufacturer’s specification. Brake fluid deteriorates over time because it absorbs moisture from your vehicle which reduces the boiling point of the fluid and affects the ability on your brakes.

Signs of wear on your brakes

If you’re not sure whether your brakes need repairs, we’ll be able to inspect them for you and let you know if the system is in working order. Alternatively, if you notice unusual noises when using your brakes such as squeaking or juddering or your vehicle pulling to one side, it may be an indication of a problem. You might also feel a decline in the performance of your brakes and it’s important to get them checked out as soon as you can. At CVS Motors, we’ll perform a full brake inspection to check the condition of your brake system including the brake pads, discs, shoes, callipers and brake fluid. If replacement parts are needed, we’ll let you know the outcome and, with your approval, repair any part necessary at our Farnham garage. Book online today for brake inspections, brake pad and disc replacements and more with our 24-hour online booking tool at CVS Motors. We provide quality garage services for customers in Farnham and surrounding areas.

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