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Engine diagnostics and fault code repairs

Most modern vehicles are fitted with an engine control unit (ECU) that contains sensors to vital components within your car. The ECU helps to identify when temperatures are too high, fluids get too low or any car parts are wearing or experiencing problems. When you get warning lights on your dashboard, your ECU is letting you know that there is a problem with your car.

Warning lights and what they mean

There are a number of different warning lights on a car dashboard, these are normally specific to your make and model, so it’s always best to check your manufacturer’s manual if a warning light appears on your dashboard. The most common warning lights tend to be the engine light, the battery, coolant temperature, oil pressure warning or the braking system. These lights are pretty self-explanatory but it is important to double check what they could mean. Whilst these lights can let you know that a fault has occurred with a system in your car, it doesn’t identify where exactly the fault is coming from. This is why we perform a diagnostic test on your vehicle so that we can accurately and efficiently find the exact location of the problem.

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Specialist diagnostic equipment

At CVS Motors, we have the latest technology in engine diagnostic tests to ensure we find the cause of your warning lights. When your car comes in for a diagnostic test, we’ll connect your vehicle to our diagnostic equipment which identifies your specific make and model. It then connects to the ECU in your car and scans the system to find a series of fault codes. These codes are then translated by our mechanics so we can pinpoint the location of the fault.

Car repairs

Once we’ve discovered the location of the error, we can provide you with a quote on how to get it fixed. We’ll explain the repairs required to get your car back on the road and let you know how much it will cost and the time it will take. We won’t do any work without your approval, and we always keep our customers in the loop. Once you’re happy for us to go ahead, we’ll get to work to get your car repaired as quickly and efficiently as we can to ensure that you get back on the roads as soon as possible. We’ll work towards getting your car back to you the same day, but if any extra time is needed, we’ll contact you as soon as we can. We’ll make sure we provide quality repairs and parts for your vehicle, ensuring a smoother ride when you’re back on the roads.

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If you’re worried about warning lights on your dashboard and you’re not sure what’s wrong, you can book online today using our 24-hour booking tool. We’re always happy to provide advice and guidance over the phone and it’s best to see your local garage as soon as you can when warning lights appear on the dash. However, in order to provide our customers with an accurate quotation, we will need to have a look at the car to find out the exact cause of the problem. Contact us today or book online for an affordable diagnostic test that gets to the route of your car problems.

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