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Quality repairs for your car

When our customers need repairs for their car, we make sure that we’re available to help them out. No matter what issues you are experiencing with your vehicle, at CVS Motors we’ll accommodate you. We provide repairs and replacement parts for engines, brakes, exhausts, steering, suspension, cambelts and more. We’re experienced in every make and model of cars, vans and light commercial vehicles so we never have to turn a customer away.

Family-led team for tailored repairs

As a family-run garage in Farnham, we value each and every one of our customers. Along with providing quality services at affordable prices, we strive to make sure we provide a personal service for our customers. We take extra time and care to listen to our customer’s issues when it comes to their car and make sure we’re giving them the service that they are looking for. We go over and above to provide a high level of service, specifically to every car. Each customer uses their car for different purposes and each make and model have different parts and requirements over time in order to run smoothly. We take the time to align these requirements and make sure your vehicle runs best for your purposes. Not only that, but we source the best quality parts the match manufacturer’s specifications, whether they are original equipment parts or equivalent. We make sure our customers get decent value for money on all their repairs, no matter where it is on their car.

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Honest and transparent pricing

We’re dedicated to providing quality customer service for all our customers, new or regular. That’s why when repairs are needed on your car, we’ll always make sure we run them past you first. We are happy to explain any work that needs to be done and will be upfront about prices so that you can make an informed decision on your repairs. We aim to provide quality parts that are original manufacturer equipment or equivalent to protect any warranty and that will last longer. Working with reputable suppliers in the area allows us to get these parts at competitive prices, aiming to keep costs to a minimum for our customers without affecting the level of quality.

Wide range of repairs

Whatever issues you are experiencing with your car, we’re able to help get it fixed. We provide quality repairs on engines, suspension, steering, wheels, tyres, car body panels, exhausts and air conditioning. In addition to this, we have in-depth diagnostic tests and specialist equipment that allows us to accurately diagnose any warning light or ECU issues you might have on your computer. If you’re not sure what is wrong with your car when you book it in but you’re experiencing troubles, let us know where the issue is coming from and we’ll investigate. We provide free health checks too if you’re headed on a long journey or the seasons are changing. At CVS Motors, we work to make sure our customers are safe on the roads and that they get the best quality car repairs in the Farnham area. Book online today using our 24/7 booking tool.

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